Sprinklers not fitted at any London school or college which had fires this year

Following today’s news that sprinklers were not fitted at any London school or college which had fires this year, Nicki Stewart, UK Director of Firexo comments on the need for fire safety innovation in the public sector.

“When will our society’s disregard for fire safety be recognised? It’s likely that today’s news will provide a chilling indicator for many parents in the UK. By failing to fit sprinklers at these London schools and colleges, it is clear that the Government is neglecting its duty of care towards young people. With fires inflicting millions of pounds worth of damage and putting lives at risk, there needs to be a far greater emphasis on adopting proactive methods to tackle flames, rather than just simply reacting to incidents. This can best be achieved by utilising new technologies. The Government must act now to address its outdated attitudes towards fire safety.

Whilst sprinklers are an important step towards preventing small flames from erupting into something potentially devastating, the public sector desperately needs to embrace fire safety innovation. Despite recent incidents of fire dominating headlines, there is still a fundamental lack of concern throughout the UK. To really make a difference, it’s time for this mindset to change.”